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Autumn’s Starting to Fall

I had Jury Duty today and in between the long boring hours of sitting in the jury room waiting to be called for service, I took advantage of any breaks to go outside, iPhone in hand, to take photos of the onset of autumn’s color palate. I was in the neighborhood of Kew Gardens right off of Queens Boulevard and it was raining but, that didn’t deter me on my quest. Behind the court-house there was a lovely little wooded area where I wandered around during a thirty minute morning break balancing my umbrella as I searched for and took images of, Mother Nature’s magical transformation.

Happily, we had a two-hour lunch break and I took advantage of that time to discover what was across Queens Boulevard. I wound up on Austin Street. A quiet little oasis lined with beautiful houses and gardens with lots of trees and bushes. I busied myself keeping an eye out for splashes of red, yellow and brown and leaves just starting to turn from green to gold. There was a tree that wore a sweater of colored mosses and a large sodden leaf with a rainbow of colors spreading across its shiny face. Because the day was overcast, it provided a diffused light that made the colors pop and the rain droplets shine like jewels.

I had a few more minutes before I had to go back to resume the “wait” so, I paid a visit to an old red #7 subway car that was on display adjacent to the court-house and is apparently a mini-transit museum. I then went back around the court-house to capture a few puddle shots before returning to the silence and tedium of the jury room.

I never did get on a case and at 3:00pm was set free for another four years, Yahoo!

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