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Rain Fall

I love rainy days, they’re great for snuggling up with a good book and a cup of strong coffee, fragrant tea or a glass of fine wine. In my case it is taking a walk in the rain, umbrella protectively overhead, while searching for the beautiful leaves that the rain has forcefully pulled from the limbs of nearby trees and pushed to the ground; sodden flat in varying patterns, against a canvas of concrete.

My walk was proving very successful as the colors were intensified by the overcast sky and the sheen of the rain water enveloping them. Some were accented with tiny rain pearls. I was happily humming a tune as I was hunkered down balancing the umbrella against my shoulder, taking a group shot of colorful leaves in a puddle when, the wind in a rude and ferocious moment, tore my umbrella from my hold, knocking me to my knees, pulling the earplugs from my ears as well as an earring and loosening my hold on the iPhone which plopped into the puddle. No harm to ears or phone or knees and my umbrella was rescued from the wind’s tumultuous hold by a women who had been walking behind me. I thanked her very much and she didn’t even ask if I was okay but, just walked on with a look on her face that said “escapee from a lunatic asylum!”

Who else would be splashing about in a rain storm taking photos of fallen leaves? Lunatic? Nay, just little ole mees.


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