A Patch of Blue

Although, this past weekend was unbelievably hot with scorching sun and stifling humidity I did venture out with the camera for short intervals to try to find a cooling subject matter.  Everywhere I looked the scenery was slightly wilted and dull except the sky. The summer weather this year here in the big apple has been stormy and therefore the clouds have been terrific. On most days you can look up and see large billowing clouds etched in dark grey swelling out in a patch of blue.

Whether I was standing on the shores of the East River or on the platforms of the N and #7 trains I pointed my camera skyward capturing the clouds as they enveloped the urban landscape just below them. As is my wont, I converted these images to black and white to further accentuate the textures of the clouds and this time I pulled out just enough of the blue sky to mix with the grey. This added a blustering wild look the sky and pulls the eye straight into the clouds.