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As the Foliage Fades into the Sunset

Saturday afternoon I walked the streets of Astoria, capturing the late autumn hues of the trees which were in full foliage but, starting to bare their limbs due to November’s autumnal winds that littered the streets with a confetti of dried leaves. Seasonal colors were everywhere; vermilion, burnt orange, rose, yellow, mauve, maroon and dark crispy brown. Some ivy too, had changed its color from deep green to deep russet and fiery red. These beautiful trees and colorful vines lined the streets and decorated the fronts of homes, churches and schools of my neighborhood.

I looked for other harbingers of the season and found three hideously hung-over Halloween pumpkins, leaning against each other in a yard, grinning insanely for the camera. A small thin tree, growing curbside was bedecked in dried stalks of colorful Indian corn and small bales of hay. Bushes of bright plump holly and vivid Orange Pyracantha Berries grew up towards the sky or spilled over fences.

All was well in my colorful world until I entered Astoria Park and saw that almost all of the trees were still green!!!! Only a handful had turned and those were along the East River. I had to get creative and zoom in to capture as much color as I could. I sighed and asked Mother Nature what the heck is going on???? Her answer was to roll in a thick blanket of clouds. Whatever. I just pointed my lens at the sky and devoted the rest of my time to capturing autumn sunset silhouettes.

At first the sky was all grey with slashes of golden sunlight and as I thought, even the sunset was going to be devoid of color, Mother Nature must’ve felt sorry for me and lit a match under that blanket of cloud and it burst into flame. At times it looked like the Triboro Bridge was holding up the conflagration which turned the deep waters of the East River blood-red.

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