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A Bit of Conventional Fun

When I had heard of Leonard Nimoy’s death on February 27th 2015 the first person I thought of was an old school friend from Our Lady of Mount Carmel Grammar School, Roxana Borris (now Scheid.) In 1966 a group of us school girls started a Star Trek fan club, holding our meetings in Astoria Park, and we called Roxana Spock because she was tall, svelte and brainy. It was over 40 years since we had seen each other and you can imagine my surprise the very next day when, I received and email forwarded to me by my brother Patrick  from Roxana who had been searching for me! She too had been thinking of me on February 27th. We have since rekindled our good friendship and what a better way to spend a day with Roxana than at the Star Trek 50th Anniversary: Star Trek Mission New York convention!

Roxana and her wonderful husband Ed, picked me up at 8:45 am and we drove to and parked at the N Train station “trekking” it via subway into the west side of Manhattan to the Jacob Javits Center where we spent the entire day wandering through crowds of Star Trek fans young and old. We scanned the vendor booths for souvenirs and of course I had to buy a T-Shirt and a few pins, Roxy bought a prized sterling silver thumb ring with the immortal words “To Go Where No Man Has Gone Before” engraved around the ring.

We mingled with Klingons, Adorians, Ferengi, beloved Vulcans, Borgs and crew members from various Star Ships. We attended quite a few of the symposiums and my favorite was “For the Love of Spock” a discussion on the documentary film tribute to Lenard Nimoy created and directed by his son Adam Nimoy and which opens in Theaters this September 9th.

We ended the day at the Cosplay Contest to watch the best costume nominees strut their alien stuff across the stage for a chance to received the coveted phaser award for best costume. At the finale everyone and anyone in costume, alien and crew member alike climbed up on to the stage laughing and dancing with their fellow Trekkies, waving to the audience and happily posing for the camera.

This blog is done, beam me up Scotty!

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