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A Little Bit of This, a Little Bit of That

I took the N train downtown to Wooster Street in SoHo on Saturday afternoon to have my hair cut and brought my camera along for a nice bit of urban street photography afterwards.

I was in doubt as to what I wanted to shoot so I fell back on angles, lines, patterns, textures, contrasts and rust, of course:) There was plenty for me to shoot, capturing bits and pieces of this neighborhood, whose history and culture is in an amazing real estate “flux” for use of a better term.

I meandered along Wooster, Broome, Grand, Canal, Church, White and Franklin Streets. The real draw for any photographer to this area is the “cast iron architecture” of these early 19th century manufacturing buildings that define SoHo. I love fire escapes, and they are everywhere on every one of Manhattan’s first skyscrapers clinging like exoskeletons.  There was a stunning cascade of them on a tall narrow building (451 Broome Street) zigzagging down the back side. Took my breath away.

The sky was a nice bright blue and the streets were in shade, the perfect mix for reflections as all of the buildings have wonderful tall wide windows. Car reflections were fantastic too!

Looking down I was captivated by crumbling cobblestone and the beautiful rounded and squared glass vault lights; embedded in cast iron panels that have oxidized to a luscious golden red, and set into the sidewalks on the front of buildings and stairs. They glittered like jewels.



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