Every year our friend Olga and her husband Tolya invite the “girls” (Claudia, Janice & I) over for a summer garden party at their beautiful home in Staten Island. It is usually preceded by a visit to South Beach and a long lovely stroll along the boardwalk. The scenery of dunes topped with grasses and scraggly beach vegetation and the smell of the sea immediately relaxes the mind, invigorates the soul and works up the appetite. There is nothing more revivifying than hanging out with your besties, talking about everything and nothing and laughing a whole lot.

Enjoy the stroll.




2 thoughts on “Walking with Friends

  1. The wild beauty of South Beach is something to be seen and enjoyed!! I didn’t realize how dramatic the sky was that day nor the quiet grace of trees and grasses, until now. Whether alone or walking with friends, it’s such an enjoyable passing of time, you don’t want to leave. I am thrilled to see the dunes and beach which I glanced at quickly while walking and chattering away. Thank goodness Cate captures the essence and beauty of the places we visit, it gives me the opportunity to scrutinize the places where I was!! THANK YOU for the stroll, it was wonderful!


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