Last Saturday, I paid a visit to the annual LIC Flea and Food Market on 46th Avenue and 5th Street in Long Island City, Queens. As urban photography is my craft, I love wandering around this area off of Vernon Boulevard, as it is a true mix of old industrial and new gentrification. I admired the inhabitants, as they fit comfortably into this city within a city, accepting this eclectic landscape as part of the lure of their neighborhood and, taking pride in raising their children in such a diverse culture. And as for me this neighborhood is just chock full of gritty, rusty, peeling and just plain run down textures and patterns (love!)

I enjoyed my leisurely stroll through the market surveying the many diverse wares for sale and chatting with the vendors. I bought a lavender and vanilla scented handmade candle ($10.00) from Exstasy Creations, a gorgeous multi colored hand-woven Colombian cuff bracelet ($5.00) from Proveeartes.  There was delicious homemade granola with a worldly twist from 7Seven Granola, I fell in love with a terrific thorny mug from Pottery Aguero and beautiful ceramics by Roberta Bergofin. Jewelry galore sparkled in the sunlight enticing all who passed to stop and buy. A variety of delectable looking cultural foods and drinks were on offer to satisfy an afternoon craving.

LIC Artists  was having an exhibit and I stepped out of the hot sun into the cool of the Plaxall Galleries and spent an eye-opening half hour walking through the galleries admiring the fascinating paintings and sculptures on display and creating some photographic art of my own. You can find out who these wonderful artists are by clicking on this link: Long Island City Artists.

The rest of the day was spent in Anabel Basin, a tiny slip of water off the East River with aging brick warehouses and crumbling docks surrounded by tall modern apartment buildings and waterside eateries, as well as the LIC Flea.

I hope you enjoy this colorful and diversified walk around Long Island City.


4 thoughts on “Craft and Artistry within an Urban Landscape

  1. Eye catching views and glimpses into exotic bazaars and markets of that whimsical, little area of Queens!!! Simply delightful!!!


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