Colliding galaxies bursting into chromatic storms; supernovae exploding into shards and ribbons of light. Huge rolling boiling volcanic eruptions hurtling through the cosmos, effulgent trails of smoke and fire emanating from their wake. Sabers of light dancing across the night sky in a combative Star Wars duel. Great tentacled luminescent phantasms appeared from the deep darkness of space. Radiant rockets of light shot up through the sky and burst into green iridescent fronds of light.

Sit back with a cool drink and a good friend, put your feet up and enjoy the mesmerizing colorful conflagration of the annual pre-Fourth of July Astoria Park Fireworks extravaganza!

Brought to you by, Cate Franklyn 🙂





4 thoughts on “Stupendous Eye-Popping Crowd-Pleasing Pyrotechnics

  1. Beautiful designs and patterns lighting the night sky and all amazingly captured with fabulous color and formation!!! Outstanding job, Cate!!!! Now, some Stars and Stripes Forever!!!!

    Happy Birthday, America!!!


  2. Always enjoy your postings!! Love these firework pictures!! you have captured them at precisely the perfect moments! Thank you for sharing them! Happy 4th!!


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