This is just a contrasting group of images I took last Sunday while on my way to meet my friends for a birthday brunch celebration, on the upper east side and, on the way back home along Ditmars Boulevard.

Another new train station has opened; only seventy years in the making (click on the link below for reason why!) ….the much-anticipated, much needed and long-awaited Second Avenue Subway!!!!!  The Q train runs along these new rails, with a brand new T train coming in phase 3.

I love these new stations with their high arched ceilings full of light, gleaming stainless steel and shiny white ceramic tile. I wandered around for twenty minutes creating abstract images before rushing to meet my friends.

Everyday as I walk to the train station on my way to work and also, as I walk back home I take a photo or a group of photos and post it on Facebook. For those who follow me they know how much I love sky and clouds especially. I cannot help it, I never get tired of looking at and shooting clouds. My favorite clouds are those giant, cottony, cumulus clouds against a deep blue sky, floating high above my head in a variety of shapes and sizes.

Well that’s it. Just thought you’d like to see these images.


2 thoughts on “Under the Sidewalks Beneath the Clouds

  1. Some heavenly cloud formations on a day when the sky alternated from bright blue, light blue and pale blue but all lovely aspects on a delightful afternoon and captured exquisitely . Equally as fascinating was the newest addition of the Second avenue subway line which is open, spacious and modern. Distinctive and striking aspects of a modern and accommodating new underground which three generations anticipated; at long last is enjoyed by everyone traveling in the city!! A scenic, urban view, above and below ground as contrasting and intricate as New York City!! So enjoyable!

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