It’s pouring rain; I wanted to go to the Italian Feast.

Mother Nature why are you being such a beast?

I’m missing out on the rides, the games,

and those delectable fried Zeppoles.

I’m tired of taking photos from my window sill.

I look up at the sky but, it’s raining still.

Everything is soggy; I’m feeling really grabby.

Why don’t you make the rain go away,

So I can go out and play!





5 thoughts on “A Rainy Day Plea

  1. Though it be dark and foggy,
    the earth wet and soggy,
    verdant blooms are near and smiling,
    your window sill a perfect perch,
    to capture nature all dewy and shining.

    Thanks for brightening the day with the beautiful greenery on the trees and plants and a very honorable mention to that enduring, little hydrant which passes every season with flying [orange] colors!!!


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