Summer is finally making its way to Astoria and what better way to kick off the warm weather and sunshine then a carnival in Astoria Park. Beneath the Triboro Bridge the sounds of squeals and screams, the smells of sausage and peppers, cheese steaks and cotton candy. The roar of a roller coaster and the driving beat of music filled the Saturday afternoon air.

Children ran wild clutching prize toys they had won, teenage girls giggled and the boys swaggered through the crowds but, both rushed to the fastest, scariest rides and shrieked equally long and loud. The whirling carousel whipped its riders round and round, and the Himalaya swirled at dizzying speeds.

It was a day well spent surrounded by people  having fun and thoroughly enjoying themselves and I so look forward to those “lazy hazy crazy days of summer.” 



6 thoughts on “Food Fun Thrills and Chills

  1. Fun, thrills and exciting rides all in one place!!! A wonderful trip , even vicariously, to Astoria Park!!! The joys of summer have arrived and presented to us by way of wonderful images and fanciful rides!!!


    1. It looks more exciting than it really is, the kids go in and then slide down a twisted red slide. That’s it! This was not a very busy spot. 😊 The Himalaya and Shooting Star were the main rides, as judging by the crowds and screams!


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