Aah, the razor wire is shimmering in its sharpness,  metal oxidizing in the midday sun, clothes hanging on a fence among the Dandelions, satellite dishes and antennas sprouting on the roof tops, fat round tires popping up along the street.

Graffiti,  billboards and all manner of signage,  liven up the scenery, old cars waiting for repairs bask in the light and almost look new, and alleyways actually look inviting to walk down. Creeping vines just starting to sprout crawl and cling to walls with renewed strength, and brick deepens in its redness.

A frolicking pink stallion  offers 50 cent wild rides to the passerby on the street. Vine like barbed wired encircles a home, while green and yellow leaves tightly envelope a chain link fence.

All things are beautiful under a blue urban sky.


12 thoughts on “Spring’s Urban landscape

  1. Such interesting and intriguing things going on under those beautiful, blue, urban skies!! Where can one experience such a gamut of subjects such as tires, eateries, a line of wash, secretive alleys and some well placed graffiti and rust, all in one afternoon! It’s all there if you know where to look, most of us just walk by……but not our intrepid photographer. Great work!!!

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