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Oh, it was a fine Easter Sunday for a parade along Manhattan’s famous and fashionable Fifth Avenue and taking part in the annual Easter Parade.

This was not your normal parade with floats, huge balloons and marching bands but, a people’s parade where everyone could join in hat on head. As far as the eye could see there were the most outrageous, elaborate, playful, ludicrous, entertaining, ridiculous and just plain silly chapeau, caps, bonnets and headdresses. Most of them homemade and a few purchased off the rack.

The Bonnets were festooned with mounds of ribbon, tulle, feathers, bows and topped with butterflies, chickadees, eggs, flowers and anything pertaining to this exciting and always anticipated season of spring. A few were dainty and modest but, most of them were loud, proud and over sized to the extreme in width, depth and height. Some of the hats were augmented by wonderful whimsical costumes. And, humans were not the only ones strutting their stuff on this warm sunny day, quite a few decked out doggies showed off their finery and stole the show from their loving owners.

Put on your frilly, silly bonnet and enjoy the parade.


4 thoughts on “Put on Your Easter Bonnet!!!

  1. Thankfully, creativity and imagination never go out of “fashion”! One chapeau was more exotic, avant garde, bizarre and alluring than the other and the participants were immensely proud of their bonnets. Nice to see a few fascinators among the throng and the abundant bunnies, chicks, butterflies, fruits and flowers provided the additional mise en scène of the occasion. A compelling view of people who are proud to adorn themselves and pets in symbols of spring and festive events of the season. Utterly delightful!!!!

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