Yesterday, I was off from work and, with all good intentions was going to spend it doing a little spring cleaning around the apartment.  Those domestic and good intentions went by the wayside as I stepped outside the front door, laundry bag in hand, and felt the warmth of the sun on my face and everywhere I looked I saw green. Bright new green. The lawns no longer brown and dull by winter’s icy hand, gave off a verdant shimmer, the trees now fully awake from their cold weather hibernation, sprouted tiny delicate green leaves and tender shoots. Some early blooming Magnolias were showing off their young vibrant blooms with pride. Cherry blossoms in white and pink looked delightful and beautiful against the blue sky.

The world before my eyes, vividly painted by spring’s hand, made me realize….the laundry and cleaning can wait! Woohoo! I ran back into the apartment seized the camera and away I went on a quest to capture the greening.

I live in a development called Garden Bay Manor and it has some lovely but, slightly neglected garden pathways and that is where I spent my time with the camera. The goal was to photograph anything green or flowering and that even included weeds, my favorite weed being the Dandelion. I know it is the scourge of many people’s lawns but, around here they make the neglected lawns look pretty good. 🙂 A few of the tenants have created small gardens of their own and blooming with early daffodils, tulips and Grape Hyacinth as well as the aforementioned Magnolias. Wild Geranium Weed carpeted the ground with tiny purple and white flowers, the latter with centers of blue and yellow.

I came upon a woodland chair carved from and still attached to a tree right in my own back yard and beneath a budding tree, a child’s memorial to their recently departed gold fish, Fred (RIP); a sprinkle of now dried dandelions graced the grave stone.

I didn’t go far in my quest but, I felt I captured the best of the coming season and look forward to rest that spring has to offer in the coming weeks.

Enjoy this little home grown ramble through my world.




14 thoughts on “The Greening

  1. Better to photograph spring emerging than spring cleaning, anytime!!! All is merry and bright and the season’s promise of more to come is encouraging! Gone are the dark, cold and gloomy days and here to greet us are delightful baby blooms, some still in their nursery but healthy and growing. With anticipation and hope for brighter days, we must mourn the passing of Fred, who will miss this glorious season of 2017. A day very well spent!!! Thank you, Cate!!!

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