Usually, at this spring time of year, I head over to the Bronx Botanical Gardens for the annual orchid show but, this year I decided to try a new venue: Macy’s Annual Flower Show. This year’s theme is Carnival.

When I stepped through the doors of Macy’s department store on Herald Square, it was completely festooned with gorgeous dazzling spring flowers.  Walking up the center aisle, brightly painted carousel horses, roosters and white rabbits greeted you bobbing slowly up and down resplendent with grand bouquets of flowers. The jolly sounds of Calliope music floated through the air imparting the feel of a spring circus.

I was amused to find a tropical fish tank in the middle of the store and stopped to admire the gold and white fish and their delicate lace like fins. Wending my way through the familiar department store displays of fine jewelry, fragrant perfume, women’s high fashion bags and shoes (oh, what will power I had!) capturing the spring blossoms that enhanced the finery surrounding me.

Get out and celebrate spring!!!!!



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