Simon & Garfunkle’s, The Sounds of Silence, played through my head as I walked through the narrow streets of  SoHo, Little Italy, The Bowery and the rest of the East Village. We had gorgeous spring like weather this past weekend and since I had a Saturday hair appointment on Wooster Street I took my camera along for a bit of street shooting afterwards.

My lens was pointed skyward to capture the 19th century cast-iron and red stone building facades against a contrasting deep blue. I never realized before how many red buildings there are downtown. Some of them topped in blue or oxidized copper green. Almost all of the buildings had a water tower perched right on the corner of the roof or sported a huge billboard on the side, advertising fashion, food and neighborhood bars.

St. Patrick’s Old Church, on Mulberry Street was going through a renovation and I could only get a corner glimpse of the cemetery but, the outside of the building was beautiful in its color and Gothic style, and gleamed in the sun and I was able to capture a few reflections in its windows.

Because the sky was bright and the slender streets were in shade, that made for perfect reflections of the towering buildings on the hoods of cars, store windows and of course puddles.  I zoomed in and pulled together a singular grouping of buildings all different shades, styles, heights and widths showing off the dynamic changes in each neighborhood I passed through. One of my favorite buildings of the modern architecture and the best reflections, ever, is the glass and steel, Astor Place Tower! It’s like photographing images through fun house mirrors. I’ve photographed these neighborhoods many times over the years and each time I look through the lens I see something different and create something new.

It was getting near five o’clock and I had not had anything in my stomach since breakfast other than a cup a Cafe Au Lait at the salon (yeah, I know. Life’s tough) and I was hungry. My parting shot was of the Astor Place train station’s reproduction of the old striking blue-green, IRT kiosk, where I descended into the depths of Manhattan and caught the #6 train heading uptown and home.

Still singing that song……Image result for musical note



7 thoughts on “Through Narrow Streets of Cobble Stone

  1. Reflections, graffiti, doors, windows, cobblestone streets, striking perspectives, all presented so gracefully and one of my favorite features!!! I miss strolling through this area but these images are so reminiscent of curious buildings (old and new) and facades, I am transported once again! Nothing was missed or overlooked and the flavor, essence and mood of the area is palpable. Superlative!!!!


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