Saturday it snowed all day, our first of the season, Winter Storm Helena and therefore, I was cooped up in the apartment. Sunday though, the sun came out and out I went into a bright frigid cold day.

I walked around the newly whitened neighborhood and captured anything peeking out from beneath the snow. There was a plethora of colorful and unusual things. Withered flowers and desiccated weeds seemed to come to life with a last dramatic gasp.

Above the snow, icicles formed, dogs ran wild and kids slid gleefully down the slippery slopes of Astoria Park where the shores of the East River were covered in a milky frost.

Put on a thick sweater, grab a warm drink and enjoy the images.


8 thoughts on “Wonderful Things Lie Under the Snow

  1. What divine diversions on a clear, winter’s day! The fine, powdery flakes settled beautifully on so many points of interest, trees, leaves, berries, bricks, dried grass, and did I see a cat in a veil??? Amazing what is in front of you when you take time to see and not just look!! Poor, old NO STANDING sign could take it no longer and yielded to the weight of the snow, sad as an abandoned bird feeder or an empty park bench but the beauty of black and white scenes is as captivating as spunky, little vines pushing through to avoid burial under snow. Wonderful things, indeed!!

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  2. Good thing I was drinking a cup of hot coffee as the temperature dropped by a good ten degrees just looking at your photos! As usual you captured the ambience beautifully.


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