There is nothing like the winter beauty of a bare tangled and twisted tree limb jutting out like a big black bolt of lightning against a bright sky. Or the gnarled and kinked denuded branches of a bush spreading out and crawling along the earth. Or the grace of a weeping willows’ stripped whip like branches draped over their braided limbs. It is amazing to me how something so stationary can look to have so much movement and do it with a kind of staid personality.

I took these images last week at the Bronx Botanical Gardens before I had gone into see the annual Holiday Train Show. It was a cold damp and grey day and just the right ambiance for what I was seeing and wanted to capture with my lens. I walked around these towering trees, running my hands along the rough bark of the trunks, feeling the texture and inhaling a faint wooden aroma. Some trees were small enough and some bushes were big enough for me to duck underneath a cascade of branches and photograph from the inside out.

A splash of color pierced the grey of day; a bush covered in tiny round violet berries and a tree with flaming orange berries hanging in grape-like clusters.

Trees that people would label as ugly, had to me, a unique beauty in their natural symmetry, like my favorite old geezer tree with his crutch,  a tree with an amputated but, jaunty limb and a very low tree with a mass of thick crumpled branches.

Enjoy this woodsy walk.




14 thoughts on “Caught up in A Tangle of Timber

  1. There is nothing more beautiful than the starkness and severity of these trees, a vision beyond words!! I admired them intently and am inspired by the Spartan but delicate artistry of nature weaving and spinning a web of conjoined limbs and sprigs in an awesome pattern designed by elements beyond sense and imagination!!! A concerto should accompany the viewing, imposing and astonishing!!!

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