I took a nice long walk along 20th Avenue today armed only with my iPhone and a warm down coat. It was a chilly windy day with big puffy grey and white clouds and I shot whatever I saw that intrigued me, which is to say, almost anything:)

I turned onto 20th Avenue from Hazen Street walking towards Astoria Park. This area is split down the middle; one side of the avenue is old Astoria residential and the other, urban industrial, part of the IBZ or Industrial Business Zone.  The neighborhood has an eclectic charm to it that I really enjoy photographing.

Back in the day of the mid 19th Century, 20th Avenue used to be known as Winthrop Avenue and it was not unusual for the names of streets and avenues to be permanently inscribed on the corners of buildings.  There is only one corner where you can still clearly make out the inscriptions; the corner of Albert Street and Winthrop Avenue. The street was named for Albert Steinway the son of  Henry E. Steinway of Steinway Piano fame. His brother Theodore also has a street named after him. Albert Street is now 41st and Theodore is now 42nd Street.

An unoccupied playground offered an opportunity to take a few abstract shots as I strolled around this square of hopscotch boxes, swings and deserted basketball and handball courts. Outside of the playground I continued photographing objects I love but, that  people pass by without giving a second glance to, like a pair of crinkled wooden eyes peeping out at me from behind the links of a fence or, a rusted knot of chain with a big silver lock set in the center.

My walk through this industrial section of Astoria came to an early culmination at the Astoria Generating Station, as my iPhone battery threw in the towel but, not before I was able to capture a few dramatic urban images of this huge and gritty power complex.

I hope you enjoy my little urban excursion.


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