For some reason, I could not get that Christmas spirit to fill my soul the way it usually does at the beginning of December. Maybe it’s because I was down and out with a stomach flu all last week and really, just started to feel like a human being again instead of a nauseous feverish slug lying on the couch.

Yesterday, was the first time I felt good enough to go outside with the camera. I thought taking photos of the Tree (if you are from New York City, it is ALWAYS “the tree”) at Rockefeller Center and, 5th Avenue decked out in its Christmas attire would help put the snap back in my celery, as mother would say. I jumped on the subway and because the N was going no further than Queensboro Plaza I transferred to the #7 which deposited me on 5th and 42nd, right next to the New York Public Library.

I looked around and took a few shots and still not feeling “it”, I duly  pressed on and march up 5th Avenue wending my way through the tightly packed crowds of tourist and other onlookers. Everyone around me was just filled to the brim with Christmas Cheer and as excited as all hell about it too! My patience was wearing thin as I walked towards The Tree getting carried along on a wave of humanity. My mind could not come up with a good shot and my muse definitely left me to fend for myself.  I felt like going home. I took a little detour instead.

I went up to the Top O’ the Rock to clear my head. It was just as crowded up there as down on terra firma but, there was a cold wind blowing and most people did not linger in one spot too long and I was able to get a few good shots. That managed to put me in a better more positive frame of mind and I headed back down to continue to capture that allusive Christmas Spirit.

I wormed my way through a crush of children to the railing overlooking the Rockefeller Skating Rink. I took a few minutes to just watch as the skaters smiling and laughing glided around and around; some twirling, some laughing, some falling and some just learning. My attention was grabbed by two little girls dressed in pink and blue. The little one in pink seemed to be trying to convince the little one in blue “what fun skating is!” The little girl in blue looked dubious. That prompted me to stop being such a Scrooge and just have fun, forget about everything else and enjoy myself.

I oozed through the masses and got on line to view the holiday windows at Saks Fifth Avenue. The theme was a Nutcracker “Sweet” and the windows were filled with vibrant story book characters from a land of giant lollipops, yards of ribbon candy, and enormous peppermint sticks all sprinkled with a good coating of sugar, that twinkled in the colorful Christmas lights framing each window. The window mannequins, not to be outdone used the windows as a runway to show off the finest of holiday accouterments that Saks Fifth Avenue has on offer for sale this season.

After that, I headed home feeling a lot better and actually hummed a Christmas tune or two.







5 thoughts on “‘Tis the Season……?

  1. Such colorful and exciting scenes from Christmas in “the city”, one can easily get into the mood of the holidays by simply viewing these vibrant and festive scenes!!! All are inviting and merry and any one of them could be the cover of a beautiful greeting card from the creative gallery of PhotosbyCate!!!!

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