Today, as was the whole weekend, was grey and a little humid with a sense of calm and the smell of the new season in the air; perfect for a nice long walk to Astoria Park.

It is still early days to a real fall foliage but, I found the first hints of it on my walk. I was using my iPhone, and therefore, spent a lot of time on my knees and squatting down in the weeds or crawling around the bottoms of tree trunks to get up close to capture all the detail in these colorful first of autumn gems.

Along the East river were dried pale yellow blades of grass and parched brown spiky weeds. I climbed down among the rocks toward the water where the Goldenrod was in full bloom surrounded by fire-red berries and sweet delicate blue flowers.

Most of the leaves that were in the middle of  “the change”  were just gorgeous. I love how you can see the leaf color change in stages: brown at the edges, followed by vibrant yellow, orange or red midway through and a spot of green left in the center. As beautiful in death as in life. Some were shriveled crisp, twisted, and brown mottled with a webbing of  bright green or red veins.

Walking further on, fallen petite lady apples decorated the leaf litter as did still green acorns. I found two trees with magenta streaked bark which got me to focus on the beauty and color of the bark on other trees.

I ended my photographic sojourn with two of autumns most vibrant creations; Marigolds and Sunflowers.

Enjoy, Mother Nature is just beginning to warm up!



13 thoughts on “Early Autumn’s Colors

  1. How exciting as nature changes her colors to more vibrant and vivid hues in flowers, berries, leaves, grass, acorns, etc. Beautiful photography and excellent timing to reveal the early wonders of Autumn!! The crawling was well worth the effort and the grey of the day magically enhanced the colors!!


  2. I love your colours of autumn, Cate – and love thinking of you crouching and crawling about under bushes to capture these pictures because it’s so familiar – I do so much of this myself! Beautiful colours, lovely textures. Great post!


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