Last night lying on the couch, feeling under the weather due to some oncoming cold or some such seasonal “bug”, I was bored and channel surfing when I came upon a PBS special on quilting. I’m not a Quilter but, as I said I was bored and stopped to watch for a few minutes. At one point two women were selecting types of fabrics and they were talking about a group with urban textures.  I thought, huh I can capture those wonderful textures with my camera and if I felt better in the morning I would do just that.

The morning arrived with cool fall temperatures and lots of sun and I was feeling much better. After a breakfast of coffee, toast and jam I headed out to fulfill my quest for the Urban Textures. This is just a fun thing to do, as all one has to do is look around and pick the textures that appeal to the eye and zoom in.

Rough gritty cement; stained, pockmarked and cracked, dark pebbly asphalt, the smoothed iron letters a of manhole cover and a rust crusted gas main cap. Bricks that resembled chocolate brownies and vanilla blondies. Walls with smooth stones, or splintered strand board and the rough whirls of sawn wood. Crushed and stacked cardboard boxes, ready for recycling alongside nested plastic containers. Pebbles embedded in the dirt at a bus stop.

Parked on a nearby street was a decaying old black Cadillac its paint slowly being replaced by rust. A very dry and splintered telephone pole full of old staples from past posters torn down or worn away by wind and rain. The walls of the New York Connecting Railroad which passes over the N Train El, on 31st Street, were covered in cracks, street art, great gobs of puckered and ancient paint and long slick trails of mineral deposits caused by years of rain water seeping through the concrete.

One of my favorite textures and one of the most cubist looking is of old pieces of transparent tape left on the glass windows of an abandoned store.

Enjoy this visually tactile group of images from the sidewalks of Astoria.




4 thoughts on “Urban Textures

  1. Incredible!! Images of Scandinavian flatbread, surfaces of the moon, ice crystals, etc., what a variety of surfaces and overlays of curious looking forms and debris from the street! Absolutely hypnotizing and challenging the eye to guess what it could be!! Yet, some photos cannot go without special mention, the spunky pigeon standing on a No Standing sign, the facades resembling Inca carvings and patterns of unknown origin. What a grand feast for the eyes, striking and visually stimulating!!!!

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