Once again, as they have done for the past 34 years, the denizens of the deep came ashore to strut and dance, with us human beings, along Surf Avenue in Coney Island in celebration of the annual Mermaid Parade.

There were vivacious  mermaids and curvaceous red heart queens; even Wonder Women was on the scene. A gregarious curly bearded Neptune King came along for a fling. There were sharp toothed sharks, snippy crabs and other crustaceans and snakes and snails and even puppy dog tails! Were there pirates? Of course! They spend so much time at sea, they danced with rainbow haired ladies all wild and free.

It was a whirl of swirling tassels and hula hoops with twirling parasols and flowing capes that billow and swoop; the jingling of pearls, shells, and colorful corals, mingling with the sounds of music and laughter. It seemed this merriment would go on forever and after but, that could not be, as eventually the tide did call them all back to sea.






17 thoughts on “They Came up From the Sea

  1. Looks like a wonderful event Cate. I have often looked at your website and wondered why I couldn’t “like” any of your photos. The penny finally dropped,today when I looked at it on my desktop computer. “Ah ha! A WordPress icon. What happens when I click on it? Oh, a there’s a blog.” I’m a freakin’ genius! 😊


  2. The beautiful people and assorted sea creatures are captured exquisitely and of course, stunning to witness. The colorful floats and original costumes along with the vibrant and animated participants, create a sense of fun and frivolity!! A whimsical, Brooklyn delight!!!


  3. You missed my favorite two people! Tall Elvis who loves talking to kids and anyone else, and Tie Die guy with the parrot and dog (new dog, the poodle who was always tie-dyed died at 16)


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