Astoria of course, that’s where!

Yesterday, I was up early, got the chores done and then it was time to go out and take some photos. All week long, as I walked to the train station I’d been admiring and inhaling the heady fragrance of the abundant roses growing in the gardens along Ditmars Boulevard. As I walked I was creating images in my head and making my plans for what and where to shoot them on the weekend.

Although I had roses on the brain, when I stepped out of my apartment I was momentarily and happily distracted by mushrooms growing around a rotting tree stump next to the curb. You can’t get more urban than that!

Recovered from that lapse I continued on towards the roses. I wanted the roses captured among the urban scenery that is my neighborhood; wrapped around picket fences, leaning against or peeking out from a brick wall, pushing through chain link or wrought iron fences, enveloping the front entrances of people’s homes. The roses were in all states from budding to full bloom, to dried out and rain ravaged, the petals were tightly wound, curly, swirly, squirrely or bushy, their colors vibrant and dazzling to the eye.

To quote Gertrude Stein -” A rose is a rose is a rose is a rose.



10 thoughts on “Where the Urban Rose and the Mushroom Grows

  1. These are all beautiful Cate. My Mum grew many varieties and as a consequence, I have grown them wherever in the world I put my own roots down. On a hot night it’s so beautiful to smell the various perfumes isn’t it.

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  2. There must be something in the air that nurtures such beautiful flowers and those adorable mushrooms with their shiny, little domes. Even the squirrels peek through fences or stand at attention to peer at all the charm and artistry around them. Just delightful and exciting to see, as always!! Thank you for the delightful jaunt through the gardens and fields of Astoria, I enjoyed it tremendously!!!


  3. I’ll be buying my mushrooms at the farmers market this afternoon… hopefully they are not picked in the neighborhood! There is nothing like a “squirrely” rose which I assume is a rose being admired by the squirrel!


  4. beautiful roses and no black spot or mildew! They are great flowers, so much variety. I love scented roses – unfortunately you don’t often get scent and disease free it seems. If I had been on your walk i would have been very tempted to dead head a few.


  5. Beautiful set Cate – nothing like strong scents to heighten the senses. One of the joys of being on motorcycle is the unexpected strong smells you get, my favourites being wild garlic and perfume from open top cars 🙂


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