Everything looks beautiful under a sky of deep blue. Spring’s greens, yellows, pinks, reds, whites and purples appear bright and crisp and dazzle the eyes. The urban streetscape has been colored with crayons, even the dratted ubiquitous telephone wires abstract themselves into charming vivid patterns. Bricks are warmer, chimneys taller, antennae and satellite dishes glisten, the facades of houses no matter how old look freshly painted and streets signs almost glow with directional pride.

Enjoy this little walk under the azure heavens of Astoria.


8 thoughts on “Beneath a Blue Sky

  1. Beautiful splashes of color and lovely blossoms that seem to grow profusely in your neck of the woods!!! The images beneath “a blue sky” are stunning and the houses are showing off their vibrant and lively spring colors, along with that charming, little, yellow bird feeder! You captured moments in time which we often pass by in the course of everyday life; thank you for letting time linger a while so these lovely images can be observed and appreciated.

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  2. What wonderful blue skies! Fabulous pictures. Having trouble following posts at the moment – without reliable internet access and exceptionally busy (for the next few weeks) – your lovely pictures calmed me down! Thanks for a tranquil time to breathe in the beauty of Astoria in spring.


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