I took a walk down Ditmars Boulevard and 31st Street to CVS to pick up a few things. On the way home with the sun bright and high and the skies a deep clear blue, the shadows cast on the urban streets were dark and photographically inviting.

Gnarled arthritic tree branches clawed at the asphalt, thick black lines and curls of fencing and signs were tattooed on the concrete, fire escapes expanded, to spread and fill the corners of a building while scrubby bushes left dark imprints of their leaves upon the ground.

Enjoy the day.




13 thoughts on “Shadows of a Sunny Sunday

  1. The shadows assume their own persona and become more the studied point of interest than the unseen image!! The ability to articulate a subject by revealing the shadow is masterfully creative and skillfully achieved. Compelling photography for an afternoon stroll to CVS!!


  2. I can’t pick a favourite! The tree branches reaching into the street look stunning and the fences are elaborate and delicate. Glad you needed to go the Chemists! (I had to look up CVS – hope google hasn’t misled me)


  3. It’s great to be able to walk along the street and see the beauty in ordinary things that most people walk right by without noticing. I always enjoy your vision.


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