Yesterday, walking up  77th Street from 21st Avenue on my way home from the supermarket, I was marveling at how green, bright and shiny everything was since it had stopped raining and the sun pushed its way through the clouds. That’s when I spotted it; a lone yellow magnolia!  I almost dropped my groceries as I stared at the lemon yellow blooms that were just beginning to come out of their downy cocoons. As far as I know, this is the only yellow magnolia in the area and the only one I’ve ever seen outside of the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, as mentioned in last weeks post.

I hurried home, put the groceries away and ran back out the door where nature, being highly obnoxious, rolled in a thick layer of cloud. No matter, I started taking photos while walking back towards the yellow magnolia, the diffused light saturating the spring colors. Back at the magnolia, which was now in shadow, a few budding blooms were at eye level and in enough light for me to capture but, the few that were open were at the top of the tree and would only have come out in silhouette if I chose to shoot them in that light. All right I thought, I’ll come  back later when the sun has more of an upper hand over the clouds.

My domestic chores were all done and basically I had the rest of the day to myself  and decided to wander around, not to far just a few blocks or so, capturing early spring in the neighborhood. The spring regulars of raspberry red azaleas, buttery yellow forsythia and daffodils dominated the gardens, a handful of orange and red tulips made an appearance too. Tiny vibrant blue bells and bushes full of white temple bells along with pink and deep purple hyacinth added their colors to the scenery.

Each block was festooned with white and pink blossoming trees and a few homes were painted in spring colors of orange, yellow, pink and blue. Along the way I stopped to chat with a squirrel friend who posed prettily for her portrait. My eye was attracted to a few non spring things like trees roots resembling an exposed skeleton, green clinging moss, an abandoned (thank God!) hornet’s nest, and a breath taking ivy covered tree.

Finally, the sun had come out to stay turning the skies blue and the lovely Yellow Magnolia of Astoria was in the spotlight once again. It’s amazing what can pop up in your neighborhood.




9 thoughts on “A Yellow Magnolia Grows in Astoria

  1. Beauty is meant to be seen and photographed and that is evident by these lovely flowers who were anxiously waiting for that famed Queens photographer to pass by! They wore their new, colorful uniforms in anticipation and she did not fail to comply. They posed and hoped to be noticed and we are the beneficiaries of that encounter. FABULOUS!!

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  2. beautiful – I’ve never seen a yellow magnolia. They are stunning trees. And I really like the vibrant yellow of forsythia. It’s too early for tulips here and some blossom came out very early in our over warm winter. I’m still waiting for our cherry and apple trees to blossom. Fortunately they didn’t flower early.


    1. Thank you. We are flip-flopping from warm spring like weather back to winter every other day. Yesterday, it was very windy and cold and today it actually snowed early in the morning now it is raining and warmer. I’m glad I caught these blooms on Saturday when they were fresh. I love the yellow magnolia and the pure white.

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