Spring is definitely here as evidenced by the magnificent blooming Magnolia trees at the Bronx Botanical Gardens. I was completely charmed and in awe of the pure white long petaled flower from the Magnolia Stellata and the graceful white blooms of the tulip Magnolia. I am used to seeing the vibrant pink and deep purple Magnolias, as there are three enormous trees in full bloom just within two blocks of where I live and, I once had the pleasure of photographing the equally awe inspiring Japanese yellow at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens. But, these delicate snowy blossoms just blew me away.

I followed the path along Daffodil Valley, carpeted in a lush green dotted with yellow and white narcissus that took me to a small pond where I wallowed in reflections for thirty minutes or so then, continued on along Magnolia Way until I found myself among a grove of color. The trees have thick dark gnarly branches that grow low to the ground and therefore the blooms are right at eye level; when you are short this is a plus. I wandered among and under the branches of each tree capturing the full blossoms as well as the buds bursting out of their fuzzy winter coats.

In the morning the skies were clear blue but, near mid day white clouds rolled in mixing with the blue and casting shadows here and there over the landscape; this was my signal to head for home. I followed the path back returning to the pond that was now in shadow and without the sun’s light, most of the color was gone from the scenery but the reflections were more dynamic and even more so when converted to black and white 🙂

I hope you enjoy this walk among one of nature’s most inviting though fleeting spring phenomenon.



12 thoughts on “Spring, Sprang, Sprung!

  1. Up close and personal with magnolias, the idyllic woods of BBG and dramatic contrasts of pink and white magnolias against blue skies and yellows with grass green backgrounds. Beautiful imagery with lush colors and trees bursting with buds and vivid blooms. La naissance du printemps!!


  2. Cate! What an outstanding post! These images left me in wonder, in awe! How some people can be so blase about the miracle and absolute beauty of Spring is totally beyond me. Thank you for lifting my spirits today!


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