The sky was alive with color this eventide as I walked home along Ditmars Boulevard. A dark slate grey layer of cloud drifted beneath a dusky blue sky and when the light of the setting sun hit these clouds and bounced back on to the earth it painted everything in its path bright yellow, red and raspberry.

Astoria was a bonfire of beauty!

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11 thoughts on “February’s Fire

  1. Oh, how I admire pictures like these where the sky is ignited and resembles a flaming hillside against a fearful, grey sky!!! When you are lucky enough to catch this in time, before sunset, it is a vision of explosive and burning beauty!!! The houses bask in the light of a golden-crimson sunset and an impatient sky is waiting to douse the flames!! Absolutely inspiring and impeccable timing!!!

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  2. Cate, I so thoroughly enjoy looking at your photos. Your descriptive copy is just the icing on the cake too! I always feel like I’m wandering along with you.


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