Saturday night Jonas continued to rail and rage all over New York City and beyond, adding to the already high piles of snow it left upon the land earlier in the day. When I awoke Sunday morning and I peeked through the blinds a thick white wavy carpet of snow covered all that I could see. Oh, what a beautiful morning; clear blue skies, lots of sunshine with no wind at all.

Camera in hand I stepped off the stoop and there was my Little Red Fire Hydrant up to its neck in snow, looking like a frosted cup cake. I turned left heading up 77th Street towards Ditmars Boulevard where the snow was up to my hips!! I realized that the only way I was going to be able to walk without having to lift my knees up to my forehead, was to walk straight up the middle of the boulevard keeping to the far right of the cars, where happily the city plows had been by and you could actually see some nice flat firm asphalt.

The neighborhood was alive with people digging out their cars and driveways. Most of the people  I met and spoke to, as I took photos of this urban winter scene, were in good spirits despite the back breaking work they had cut out for them that day.

There was no zigzagging up and down the side streets this time as every street from 77th down to 31st was blocked up with feet of snow so, I concentrated on the road ahead of me and let my eye roam and my mind compose the images.  Bicycles were buried up to their rims, parked cars sat beneath a cold thick white shroud – a tiny bit of window or black top exposed. Snow dripped like thick cream from the roofs of houses as long crystal icicles clung to the eaves glistening in the sun and, the faces of trucks were crusted with frosty beards.

Thick tufts of snow settled on the thin branches of trees and from a distance looked like cotton plants. A huge arch of white snow shot up in front of me as a man hell-bent on clearing the sidewalk on his block, vroomed by with his snow blower. A few blocks later I heard a soft cooing from above and looked up to see a line of pigeons, warming themselves in the sun and surveying the human activity below them. Two little brown Sparrows sat camouflaged in a tangle of twigs and icicles…icicles were everywhere.

Enjoy this stroll in the urban snow.

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8 thoughts on “Jonas’ Departure

  1. All the signs of winter are sparkling and bright in the wake of Jonas! So much to take in while strolling these now familiar streets, snow covered walls and awnings which in July will be protection against the hot and humid air, now enjoying frosty drafts along with icicles which resemble gates to winter’s caverns. A deserving homage to all which stands up to cold winds and icy blasts along with memories of the blizzard of January 2016, so artistically captured!! BRAVA!!!

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  2. Rough going down there, my friend. Stay tough! I particularly enjoy the lines of your fire escape image. I hope they don’t need to use it, or any engines need to find a path down those Queens roads, either.


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