It is still snowing and blowing outside as Jonas, our first snow storm of 2016, continues on his winter trek leaving behind a frosted wake covering the urban landscape of Astoria Queens and my little world on 77th Street.

I moved furniture and cleared the windowsills in the kitchen, living room and bedrooms to make room for the tripod. Each window had a small snow dune that grew inch by inch as the snow fell during the night, and promptly plopped onto my floor upon opening the window and pushing up the screen.

As always the first thing I see, looking out my window, is the little red fire hydrant gallantly bracing itself against the wind and cold, and is the perfect colorful subject in a monochrome world of white. A big red truck appeared out of the snowy haze, adding a bit more color, and promptly got stuck but, after a few wheel spinning, engine grinding moments was on the move again. The trees were beautiful, hand painted by nature with a smooth layer of pearly white along their darkened branches. The street was empty except for Garden Bay Manor’s intrepid maintenance team brandishing shovels and clearing a small path along the sidewalk.

Wind and snow continued to blow into my apartment as I took my photos until I was almost as cold as if I was standing outside. I took a last shot from my bedroom, shut the window tight and headed for the kitchen for a mop and paper towels to clean the snow that had piled up inside my apartment.



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6 thoughts on “Jonas from My Windows

  1. Jonas is leaving a white imprint on the city and as vexing as it can be, it also is to be enjoyed as an occurrence we don’t always enjoy in such a presentation! Trees are dressed in little, ermine jackets and the drift which clings to the walls and surfaces gives elegance and grace to brick facades. An urban snowfall from a great vantage point and so well done!!!

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