It was a quick jaunt around my neighborhood last night, not too far,  just along Astoria and Ditmars Boulevards up to 80th Street, down to 73rd and back around home to 77th.

The day was grey but, the evening came alive with moving light made bright and exciting as my camera captured and stretched that light into long strands of white, red, yellow and blue fire. Standing at a crossroads, the slow exposure swirled the lights of turning cars, buses and trucks into a horizontal vortex. Glowing fingers of flaming crimson light raced down Astoria Boulevard followed by jagged bouncing white streamers. A passing garbage truck left thin sperm like strands of orange glowing light across Ditmars Boulevard as the onrushing cars on either side of the road left embers of heat.

At 73rd Street and Ditmars I made a left heading toward the overpass that spans the Grand Central Parkway and splits Astoria Boulevard. I shot through the thick web of chain link fencing using it as an abstract net that caught the streaming light in each little space between the links. In the middle of the overpass was a four inch vertical space in the fence just big enough to stick my lens through giving me a clear wide angle view of the beauty of the surging lights.

Back down on Astoria Boulevard the M60 bus pulled into the 73rd Street stop, I waited patiently then pressed the shutter just as it pulled out, which left a flying carpet of luminous blue light in the night sky.

Enjoy this nocturnal ramble through the light.

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9 thoughts on “Streaming Urban Nights

  1. No limits to where the imagination can take you, from red and yellow lightening rods, an alien spacecraft or the rings of Saturn!!!! Quite a light show on Ditmars and Astoria Boulevards! Exciting and dramatic to see!! “Flashy”, presented in its best light!! Thank you for the dazzling effects!

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