Last night I once again grabbed the camera and tripod for a little night photography. This time in Long Island City at Gantry Plaza State Park and Hunter’s Point Park to capture the lights and reflections from the many buildings lining both sides of the East River and of course those wonderful stately gantries.

Unlike last week in Astoria Park, where all was clear, quiet and calm, the skies were cloudy and the amount of adults and children strolling around after dark was amazing. Granted, it was unseasonably warm for December being close to sixty so, I could understand why so many people were enjoying the views. The problem was, they always seemed to wander through the frame just as I pressed the shutter at a 20 second exposure, creating little fading ghostly images hiding in corners or at the ends of piers. Little children seemed to be in continuous piercing scream mode and teenagers were doubly boisterous and loud making it hard for me to concentrate on what I was shooting.  In addition to that, the noise from across the river was unbelievable with sirens blaring and cars screeching sounding like a night of mayhem and madness in Manhattan!

Nonetheless, the gantries were the object of the night and I had a ball photographing them from all angles, inside and out, surrounded by soaring apartment buildings with tiny square yellow eyes that gazed brightly upon the evening. It amazes me how an old industrial relic can become so beautiful when the sun sets and lights flood its steel frame work and bring it back to life as a monument of what made Queens the great borough it is.

I meandered along the piers jutting from the shoreline and along the promenade north toward Anabel Basin and the gigantic glowing neon red light of the old Pepsi Sign that has become as much an icon of this park as its neighbors the gantries. At the mouth of the Basin sat a barge with cranes which I captured in a fiery silhouette against the distant twinkling lights of the 59th Street Bridge. I settled my tripod down among the water weeds and waving weeping willows to create an organic lush frame for the city lights before, heading back south toward Hunter’s Point Park for some more skyline views.

The evening was ablaze! Enjoy this nocturnal ramble.

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