It has been a while since I ventured out in the night with my camera and trusty tripod and Saturday night was too perfect to pass up as it was cool, clear and quiet. I left my apartment at 5:30 just as the sun had set and walked along Ditmars Boulevard to Astoria Park where the East River was a mirror of light and color. As soon as I hit Shore Boulevard I set up my camera taking a few test shots and adjusting my shutter speed, aperture and ISO until I had the correct exposure, making little adjustments as I walked along the river.

The Triboro Bridge was lit up like Christmas while the Hellgate was shrouded in night. I kept my exposure long to capture the illumination cast by the lights on the bridge and along the shore lines of East Manhattan and the South Bronx. The long exposures twinkled the lights and turned the evening shadows to a fiery red.

The wakes of passing boats created a rippling watercolor painting with the river reflections and speeding cars left lightening streaks on the road as they zoomed through the scenic image I was creating. I took advantage of the many flood lights encircling the running track which acted like spot lights on the bare limbs of the surrounding trees, imparting on the them an eerie incandescence.

Enjoy a walk through this urban night.

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6 thoughts on “Luminous Nights

  1. Enchanting!!!!!!! Images like these are captured only when the photographer recognizes every nuance the lights and reflections provide and seizes the moment! Just stunning how the trees appear to be caught at a moment in time when their unadorned beauty is revealed !!! Glad you decided to venture out, you caught the best of a beautiful New York evening in December.

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