The week got away from me and I’m only now posting the images I took last Sunday. Better late than never, right?

This group of images have no rhyme or reason, no theme, no special meaning other than they are part of the neighborhood in which I live and photograph. They do represent my favorite way of spending the day with my camera happily rambling around in Astoria capturing whatever appeals to my urban photographer’s eye.

The eye was drawn to signs, alleyways, old cars, bits and pieces of 19th century homes and old relics of Astoria; like the Astoria Silk Works factory built in 1820, now re-purposed for an eclectic group of small businesses most notably the Astoria Sound Works studios. I shot under the overpass of the New York Connecting Railroad, stood aloft 31st street on the N/Q subway platforms wide angling the everyday urban scenery, viewed by Astoria residents who take it for granted but, love it just the same. I passed by the Bavarian Beer Gardens a mainstay of Astoria since 1910, where this past June I eagerly attended the Our Lady of Mount Carmel grammar school reunion, lovingly reconnecting with friends I have not seen in forty-five years!!!!! 

On Ditmars boulevard, I passed my two favorite 19th century, neighborhood oldies: the red and white Steinway Reform Church and, sitting just behind it, the pale blue and white comely Victorian house, with its peeling wrap around porch. I wish I had the money to buy it, fix it up and make it feel loved again.

Enjoy these ramblings in words and images from the Village of Astoria.

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10 thoughts on “Strollin’ the ‘Hood

  1. Great to see the Neptune Diner and Jackson Hole are still around and thriving, I hope! Scenes all reminiscent of a small town with big city allusions and posing gracefully to show it off! Pleasing and poignant shots of little cottages and homes with a hint of nostalgia along every tree lined street. Thanks for a spin around a really cool hood!

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