It was Autumn at its colorful best, its peak of perfection! The trees were adorned in their formal farewell  cloaks of gold, amber, vermilion, magenta and russet brown. They set the landscape ablaze and warmed the eye and heart of all who tread beneath them in admiration and awe. The sky, not to be outdone, turned electric blue and painted its face with white cirrus and stratiformis clouds.

That was our experience among the beauty of the Thain Forest in the Bronx Botanical Gardens, spent during the daylight hours on the Eve of all Hallows. Not very chilling I admit but, we did see glimpses of tall white skeletons and a scarecrow or two spooking the visitors center. And, keeping with the spirit of the season, when we exited the forest we took a  stroll through the Haunted Children’s Garden in search of the Great Pumpkin!

We passed under an arch of carved Jack-O-Lanterns smiling insanely down at us; passed a trio of stick figure pumpkin heads dancing atop a grey boulder. The path was lined with crackling dried corn stalks, and carpeted with yellow hay and shriveled autumn leaves. Finally, at the end of the winding path into a clearing there sat a pumpkin of enormous girth, a great swollen gourd, weighing over 1,000 pounds surrounded by a court of lesser pumpkins and warty gourds. You could not help but wonder how many delicious pies this fellow could provide. He had a mate who sat on his opposite side, a mite smaller in weight but, just as regal in her enormity. My friends Olga, Janice and Claw-dia (tis the season) couldn’t help but pose for a quick portrait with these amiable and immense orange wonders.


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4 thoughts on “Now, We’re “Tawkin” Color!

  1. Tawkin about color…………..You won’t see it any clearer or more colorful than what is revealed here! The presentation is superb and offers a concept and perception of a sensitive and skillful photographer. Beautiful in the Bronx!!!!

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