I went out “color hunting” yesterday in good old Astoria using my 16-300mm Tamron, shooting at the 100-300mm range of the lens. The autumnal colors are just starting to show, sparking the tip-top of the trees and flickering the sharp edges of individual leaves. I walked up and down the streets and along the avenues my eyes searching the trees, bushes and ivy for signs of Fall’s glorious colors. It always amazes me, how a small cluster of leaves, right smack in the middle of the tree, will turn bright red, yellow or gold while the rest of the leafy family stays complacently dark green; one cluster of oak leaves looked like a flaming ball of fire. Some leaves just burst into a blaze of yellow or a flare of red; absolutely brilliant against a blue sky, as were the puffy lantern shaped pods of a Panicled Golden Rain Tree.

Ivy, growing around a house, was turning from deep green to deep red and dark purple with a fringe of leaves developing a fine edging of red.  Flowers that were shriveled with seasonal age where still beautiful in crisp faded petals of orange, brown and beige.

As I walked home along Ditmars Boulevard a glint of light caught my eye. Turning my head I spied among the dense leaves and bushes of a front yard, that the late afternoon sun had pierced the shadows to illuminate a single leaf in all its autumn beauty.

This is only the beginning. Enjoy.

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