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I had a great time this past Saturday with my friends Janice, Claudia and Olga. Every year in mid-August, the best month of summer, Olga invites us to her lovely home in Staten Island. Janice traveled in from Brooklyn,  Claudia from White Stone and I from Astoria, Queens. We three met at 36th Street and 5th Avenue to catch the express bus to Staten Island.

The weather was perfect and I was happy and excited knowing I would be spending the day with my BFF’s and going someplace new with the camera. The sky was gorgeous; deep blue with lacy strands of cloud stretched across it and as I walked from 33rd Street, where I exited the # 6 train, up to 36th and 5th I could not help pointing my lens skyward for a few iconic skyscraper shots. Once we boarded the bus Janice and Claudia sat together and I grabbed a window seat to myself and angled my body to face the window so I could take street shots through the polarized glass as the bus zoomed through downtown Manhattan, into Brooklyn and then up and over the Verrazano Bridge to Staten Island and Olga’s waiting car.

Because it was such a beautiful day Olga took us first for a nice long walk through the Great Kills National Park and Marina providing me with a new locale for taking photos. Now, the one thing I love best about my friends is that they understand my need to take off and be on my own when I’m working with my camera; they walk on and just leave me be to create my images uninterrupted. So, when we arrived at the park Olga pointed me in the direction we would be walking and away I went.

The path around the marina was peaceful and calm with a few locals fishing or just lying along the shore line basking in the sun as sail boats gently bobbed in the water. I looked for as much color as I could among the short and tall grasses, water plants, and scrubby weeds that grew on either side of the dry rocky path to break up the wide expanse of green. Again, the striking sky added much to some of these images imparting more drama into what might have been a dull composition.

After a few hours of walking we worked up an appetite and Olga took us to the Marina Cafe where we enjoyed a delicious luncheon of cheeses, fresh pasta and fish. Later we had coffee and homemade strudel and zucchini bread sitting out in Olga’s back yard, lounging in the late day sun, chatting and laughing surrounded by the natural bounty of her garden.

Ah, the good old summer time.

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18 thoughts on “Ain’t Nuthin Like Friends….

  1. A delightful day and a walk through a sleepy marina and beach with grasslands which rival some of the more noted areas out east or north of NY. I’m sure I looked at these locations but didn’t “see” them as Cate did and how enjoyable they are!! All part of a beautiful August day, with wonderful friends on a leisurely walk through an absolutely striking landscape. Thanks, Cate for a visual itinerary of our outing! The weeds and stones along with the trails and pathways were a reminder of the places we strolled. The seagull was somewhat glad to see us and as usual, posed for Cate……….. they always do and usually fly off after we pass. They seem to wait to be photographed and who wouldn’t, ain’t nuthin like Cate!!

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  2. Fantastic!Thank you darling!I travelled back in time together with your camera.Everything comes back even the fragrance of the grasses and the ocean. Olya

    Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2015 01:00:32 +0000 To: okildish@msn.com


      1. Again, nothing. I will try again later today. I have not a clue, my friend. It could be me. I have been affecting electronic machines of late. Don’t ask. Again, I have not a clue. 😼


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