Ah spring, it makes you want to burst into song especially when there are sunny skies and a sublime seventy degrees. Now that I’m feeling myself once again (still have an annoying cough but, who cares its spring!) I made a bee line for the good ole Bronx Botanical Gardens to revel in the freshly blooming flowers and plants.

I had spent so much time at the gardens during the winter months that it fairly took my breath away when I entered through the garden gates flanked by massive pink and white cherry trees and beheld everything in bloom. I felt like Dorothy walking into the land of Oz. The grass and all of the trees were as green as emeralds, drifts of tiny white, purple and blue flowers  floated over a landscape that was once cold and barren just a few months back.

I walked the Perennial, and Seasonal Gardens as they were packed with bright red, deep purple, sunburst orange, light yellow, and pure white tulips. The sun was high in the sky sending down beams of light illuminating the inside of the each tulip like a votive candle. Some of the tulips had a dot of butter yellow at the very bottom of their cups. As I made my way through the flowers I surprised a white Narcissus kissing a magenta tulip causing its neighbors  to blush and glow. My favorite tulip was a bright yellow with a thin dark red piping on the edge of its delicate petals. The Rock Garden was my last stop for the day with its cascading water fall surrounded by hardy scrub bushes, trees and long leafy water plants. Beautiful blue and yellow early crocus, netted iris and dozens of other seasonal plants added their color and style to this rocky landscape.

Enjoy this dee-lightful time of year!


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11 thoughts on “Ohhh, In the Merry Merry Month of Maaaaay……

  1. You captured their happy little faces and the expression of flowers smiling at the sun!!! How beautiful, not to mention that devilish little red rascal!! The reds are sumptuous and the yellows are ecstatic but the conservatory looks absolutely stunning with the blossoms enhancing the structure, a fabulous shot!! Merry, Merry in gorgeous [and living] color!!!

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  2. Stunning photos and witty narrative took me back to happy childhood memories of visiting the b.g. Thank you, Cate!


  3. I loved your description of the “white Narcissus kissing a magenta tulip causing its neighbors to blush and glow.” How clever.


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