It is  hard to believe, with temperatures back in the single digits that just two measly days ago, I was walking in the sun, with my hood down, my gloves off and my feet too warm in my boots.  Sunday was 45 degrees, a major heat wave here in the Big Apple, and I walked the streets of Astoria and the shores of the East River capturing this beautiful day mirrored in pools of water created by the melting snows. I squished through ankle-deep slush, clambered over pyramids of plowed urban snow, slipped on slick sidewalks, peeked into a thawing grotto of garbage and was baptized by a sprinkle of melt water from a sloping roof top.

When I arrived at Shore Boulevard and the East River I expected an icy cold gust to knocked me down but, there was not a breeze nor a breath of wind. As I walked along the shore line with the sun lightly toasting my face one would have thought it was a spring day in April, if not for the all the white stuff on the ground.

The river was calm and smooth like a mirror in between mats of frosty ice floes gliding along with the currents and providing me with incredible reflections. The rocks along the shore were capped with thick snow and being buffeted by pieces of ice that had broken away from a larger moving piece. At one point an enormous ice flow slid by and I could hear the crunch and crack of ice as it scrapped along the edges of the rocky shore taking any free-flowing flotsam & jetsam with it.

There were mallards bobbing between the ice and the seagulls were swirling around and around, they too enjoying  this taste of the coming Vernal Equinox. I stayed on the river promenade taking image after image of the elegant Triboro and Hell Gates bridges, the scene augmented by the sky and a tug boat or two.

Ah, to wander in the unwonted warmth of a later winter’s day.

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10 thoughts on “The Melting

  1. All the reflections of winter and ice cold water, not to mention floes bidding winter, adieu…………….but wait, not yet!!! Winter’s icy fingers are not quite ready to let go of frost or snow, nor chattering teeth and vapored breath!!! “Melting” may have to be rescheduled for a few weeks, damned that rodent, but Cate’s stamina must be applauded!!! However, the images are beautiful and will be a sight for sore eyes on a New York August day when it’s 95• and the horizon is shimmering hot!!! Oh, Winter be kind but don’t linger longer than you must!!!

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  2. I sat back with my coffee and enjoyed your gallery… as I don’t see too much snow around here (as in none) I particularly liked the textures of the “dirty” snow and the reflections in the melted puddles. You certainly have a wonderfully unique eye. Nice views of the bridge too. Good job, as always.


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