The Year Book 

One minute to Midnight on the Eve of a New Year

My mind flips over a dozen pages still Sharp and Clear.

As I view Life’s Images of all that has taken place

I reflect on the Wins with Triumph and Grace

With a Wince I see Failures and I quickly turn

Determined to remember Lessons Learned

Closing the book I make no Promises, I make no Deals

I gather up all my Self-Confidence, dig in my heels

In my hands I hold a New Book with pages Clean and White

And Bravely walk Straight into the Dawning Light

 Wishing You All A Happy, Healthy and Most Wonderful New Year

Love Ya,



12 thoughts on “The Year Book

  1. A wise and accepting synopsis of the year past and a determined and decisive view of the new one to come!!! With confidence and hope, all things are possible in life, and what a concept…………………..start a new chapter with a clean, white page and begin anew!!! A Renaissance woman emerges, once again. Thank you for your eloquence and resolution, and a very Happy New Year to you!!!


  2. What a FABULOUS narrative and a positive and ambitious look ahead!!! Never lose that optimism and resolve to move forward, it’ll always serve you well!!! This is a banner statement for the new year and everyone should read, follow and believe it!!! Excellent, BFF!!!


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