Christmas in New York

Walk along New York City’s Fifth Avenue with me.

Bundle up, on this Wintery Cold Christmas Eve.

Streets are decorated in Diamonds, Silver and Gold.

Pyramids of brown Chestnuts and Pretzels  warmed under a bulb?

Skaters swirl and pirouette; they really let loose.

Beneath a towering Rockefeller Center Blue Spruce.

Huge Trains and Colossal Christmas Ornaments,

Giant Wooden Soldiers; sentinels on the pavement.

The Urban delights of this City’s Season,

May you enjoy them and with good reason.

It’s Christmas, It’s Christmas, and so have a Ball!

A Very Merry Christmas, to You All!

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11 thoughts on “Christmas in New York

  1. Beautiful scenes from Christmases past but still wistful and familiar!! I’ll take some chestnuts, pretzels and cider and enjoy the aroma and bouquet of holidays in New York. A Merry Christmas to you dear, Cate and all your faithful followers!!!


  2. Wonderful photos… the black and white makes them even more “wintery.” I love chestnuts at Christmas… hard to find in LA sometimes but I usually manage to track them down… that was my dinner last night!!!

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