This afternoon while taking a walk along the East River in good old Astoria Park, the sun was shining and the sky was blue with streaks of thin white cloud and the river was calm and reflecting like a mirror. I quickly pulled my iPhone out of my pocket, knowing that I had only a short window of time when the tide would change and the rare smoothness of the waters would wipe away the gorgeous reflections of the Hell Gate and the Triboro bridges that span this great river.

A few weeks ago as I rode the Metro North Railroad up to the Botanical Gardens I turned in my seat and faced the window. I attached the fish eye lens to the iPhone and waited as the train pulled out of the tunnel beneath Grand Central Station. As the train barreled along  I held the iPhone up close to the window and captured a series of photos as we streaked through Harlem toward the Bronx and over the Harlem River Lift Bridge. I’d forgotten about them until today, when I reviewed my photos from this afternoon.

Enjoy this little eclectic group of images that I pulled from my pocket.


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One thought on “iPhoning Around

  1. A delightful “pocket view” excursion on Metro North while taking in landscape views of Manhattan to Bronx and all interesting locales along the way. New York scenery on an Autumn afternoon filled with sun and sparkling, mirrored waters echoing the splendid scenes above. Thanks for the ride!!

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