Tis November and autumn’s colors have peaked with multi-hued brilliance, allowing the trees to settle down for a sleep and a snore until spring elbows them awake to leaf once more.

I ventured into the wetlands at the Bronx Botanical Gardens this past Saturday and, what a little bit of Eden this is.  A meadow turned red and brown with flora of purple, gold and yellow. Two ponds, mirror smooth connected by a low water fall rimmed with native grasses, frilly ferns and picture perfect Pitcher Plants.

Along the many garden paths to follow there is the Meadow Path where stands a grove of River Birch trees and a huge grey boulder split in half. A short walk along the Woodland Path is the Rock Garden; a wellspring of alpine flowers, woodland plants and a cascading waterfall.

I spent the afternoon walking around capturing the light and color of this small oasis of nature in New York City.

Enjoy a sip of the fall vintage.

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3 thoughts on “The Last of the Autumn Wine

  1. Striking reflections and poetic symmetry in the composition of these stalks, leaves, pods and twigs. A familiar scape to many but given new spirit when viewed through perceptive eyes and artistic imagination. A beautiful celebration of Fall; the colors, mood and essence which bares a landscapes soul.


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