We Gals were thwarted this past Sunday, by circumstances too numerous to detail here in this blog, from a scheduled visit to Rhinebeck, New York. Fortunately, we had a plan B and put this into action arriving at Cold Spring, New York ready for a day of small town entertainments.

The uber-friendly village of Cold Spring in Putnam County, New York, is one of our favorite get-a-ways when we just want to spend a day outside of the city wandering around with no particular itinerary and no major decisions to make except, where to brunch. This day, it seemed, the whole world had the same idea as We 3 because, I have never seen the place so busy with tourists in the many times we  have visited and it took a lot of patience to get a photo without a group of people in it. As soon as you step off the train it is a short walk along the platform which leads you right onto Main Street, the epicenter of Cold Spring. Here you can catch a trolley car to Boscobel and Garrison Landing, both great places to visit. Main street is full of antique shops, art galleries, cafes, restaurants, inns and lovely colorfully painted houses.

The sun had left us when we exited NYC and the skies of Cold Spring were dark grey which turned my photographic theme for the day from scenic autumn to small town autumn. As per the title of this blog almost every building is covered with beautiful English ivy that burned flame red and orange so there was plenty of color for me to capture. The town was costumed for Halloween and the shop keepers where just opening their doors and putting their wares out onto the sidewalk to entice the passersby, offering me plenty of “street stuff” to photograph.

Windows and doors were my dominate subject matter as they were framed in ivy and painted blue, purple, yellow and bright red. I don’t know why, but I’m fascinated by red doors and happily found two that satisfied  this attraction. From time to time as I walked up Main Street I would veer off onto a side street to photograph the beautiful historic homes with their wide wooden porches  and ginger bread roofs against fall’s deep colors.

We had brunch at Cathryn’s Tuscan Grill and a late afternoon cup of coffee with dessert at the Foundry Cafe. A sweet ending to a sweet day.

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6 thoughts on “A Village Enveloped in Ivy

  1. Beautiful pictures – just what I needed on a grey and rather colourless afternoon. And how odd – what you call English Ivy, we call Virginia Creeper! (Lots of the evergreen ivy over here, less of the wonderful creeping reds and golds). And how I do share your love of doors! Thanks for another lovely post.


  2. Stunning and quaint houses and stores in this delightful town all beautifully captured by Cate!!! She is able to “see” the art and ornamentation of these grand or curious dwellings which many of us pass by without noticing. The fall colors are enhanced against the grey or drab wood or stone and give new vibrancy to the façade, even a big spider guarding the front porch. Very impressive!!!!


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