Although it is mid-October here in New York City, we do not see peak foliage until close to November. On Sunday, undeterred by nature’s tardiness, I decided on a nice long  neighborhood walk  in the warm sunny weather, searching for the autumnal colors wherever I could find them.

Most of the trees and bushes were as green as a summer’s day but, one or two had taken the lead and turned to vibrant yellow or gold, rimmed with touches of red. Some trees had just a handful of leaves, a small leafy bouquet, in orange and amber among the deep green. The ground was littered with leaves that were the first to turn, transforming from supple green, to red to crisp crunchy brown and ornamented with big tawny acorns; their cupules tossed like tiny French berets in the soil.

I passed a house whose chain link fence had a riot of crawling, creeping, twining flowering ivy, completely covering it with blooms in blue and white and dark purple. Plump autumn berries hung from bushes in hues of gold and coral and a flitting Monarch with stained-glass wings in Halloween colors of black and orange landed on an amethyst flower right in front of my lens!

In Astoria Park I looked for and found color in the bushes and wild plants growing along the East River, gilded and illuminated by the sun. I used these bright plants as frames for the bridges and passing tugs guiding ships up the river.

My home town of Astoria displayed more color than I had thought and happily, there is still more to color to come.

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3 thoughts on “Foraging For Foliage

  1. The leaves, branches, berries, nuts and pods are as beautiful and abundant as any of New England’s woods and forests. How wonderfully Astoria wears the mantle of early autumn and how beautifully photographed by its native daughter. She seeks out the groves and thickets where these amber treasures reveal their blushing beauty and golden pigmentation! Stunning!


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