Yesterday, was our annual jaunt to Staten Island to spend the day with our good friend Olga for a bit of lunch at the South Fin Grill, a long leisurely walk on the South Beach boardwalk, capping it all off with a very satisfying few hours in Olga’s garden. We drank champagne, ate sweet delicious pastry her handsome husband Tolya baked while sitting back talking about everything and anything. One of the great and fulfilling things in life is being surrounded by good friends.

Before we boarded the X1 Bus which would take us through downtown Manhattan and over the Verrazano Bridge, I took a few urban images around 34th & 35th Streets to jump-start the photographic day.

We have walked the South Beach boardwalk many times and although, it was a picture perfect day,  the scenery had not change much and trying to come up with a new perspective on a much photographed and familiar seascape was trying. So, this morning while sipping my coffee and reviewing the images I decided to “fluff” them up some, give them a little razzle dazzle to removed the sameness. That is what post processing software is for, isn’t it? I used Color Efex Pro and Silver Efex Pro for the black and white. A few of the images I left as they came out of the camera because I liked the composition and the color as it was.



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4 thoughts on “Fluffing Up the Images

  1. It takes an innovative and ingenious photographer to breathe new life into places and images so frequently visited and that’s what Cate did! Black and white is as exciting as crisp, sparkling color when the Franklyn touch is applied. Her signature lines and shadows, angles and curves, darkened flowers, soaring skyscrapers, even new American-themed sneakers, all captured within a few hours, vividly portray… a day in the life…! Brava, Girlfriend!!!


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