“Summer’s here and the time is right, for dancin in the streets!” *** Last night on the first night of the first day of the summer solstice I strolled along Ditmars Boulevard to join in the festivities of the annual St. Antonio Abate Feast!  Each year at this time in this small village of Astoria, from 35th to 38th streets the neighborhood comes out to enjoy this annual Italian feast with games, rides, music and food.

I arrived there around 9:00 pm just after sunset, and the streets were jammed packed with crowds of happy people eating, laughing and dancing. There were gaggles of giggling girls showing off their youthful figures, bunches of bashful boys dressed in teenage attire of T-shirts, shorts and sneakers. Toddlers wide-eyed and adorable clutching newly won prizes. Parents and their children playing games of chance and skill. Elder couples holding hands and listening to the band playing Italian songs.

The aroma of frying onions, peppers and sausages rose up around my nose as did the fried chicken and cheese steak.  But, my favorite Italian festival food is the Zeppole. I patiently waited in line, my mouth-watering as I watched the vendor fill a white bag of these fried pillows of dough and then shower them in a snow storm of powered sugar. That first bite is absolute caloric heaven.

I made the mistake of taking my Sony A-77 which does not do well, at all in low light conditions and therefore my images have deafening noise.  I thought at first of just trashing them but I really like the excitement that I caught. So, I gussied them up a bit and I plead artistic license in presenting these images.  Just put your fingers in your ears to drown out the digital uproar and enjoy a few moments at this, the first of the summer fairs.

***”Dancing In The Streets” was written by Hunter, Ivy Jo / Gaye, Marvin P / Stevenson, William. Recorded by Martha And The Vandellas.

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6 thoughts on “Viva St. Antonio Abate

  1. What is better than a street festival on a summer night!!! Not too far to travel and all the essence of carnival or amusement park within walking distance from your home. Great shots of happy and hungry faces just waiting to bite into a zeppole or calzone, the best are from the vendors on the street, you know. Mmmm!!! A great New York occasion to be celebrated, observed and enjoyed in neighborhoods throughout the city. An authentic slice of life, thoughtfully captured in real time in our fair city. Save a cotton candy for me, please!


  2. These are great, the “digital noise” has only added to the feel of them, it has given the shots a kind of luminance that looks really nice. Love the ducks in shades!! 🙂


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