Last week, while photographing the orchids at the Bronx Botanical Gardens with my DSLR, I had back-tracked for about 30 minutes taking photos with my iPhone using the fish-eye lens. I had completely forgotten about these images until today when I was demonstrating the iPhone lens kit to a  neighbor and saw the photos stored on the phone. Downloading them onto my computer brought back the memories I had while taking these images.

Looking through the fish-eye these soft pretty plants and flowers took on a new persona, aside from the globe terrarium look, their distortions appeared almost menacing. There were a few that seemed to be rearing up into my face, challenging, staring me down. One stuck its yellow tongue out at me as another dropped its jaw and laughed. A beautiful purple speckled orchid appeared to have a sharp tiny beak!  Large thick vines under the conservancy dome lashed out over my head like arms trying to grab me, while a lotus blossom, dainty and pink climbed out of the water towards my feet.

Amazing the things my mind and this lens can conjure up, ay? My neighbor was blown away.

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2 thoughts on “iOrchid

  1. Love the tree trunks covered in moss and the palm leaf. I felt warm just looking at the photos. I think the orchids were made for the lens you used. I’m so glad that someone once thought up the idea of a Botanical Garden – they are like a trip to exotic climes without leaving home.


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