I have new toys!

The iPhone 5C and the Olloclip 3-1 lens kit.  Earlier in the week I took a few quick test shots with the phone, without the lenses, from the Ditmars train station platform as the sun was rising on Astoria, and at home using just the macro lens, (I will work more with this lens when the spring flowers are in bloom. )

Yesterday however, was grocery shopping day and since I would be walking up Ditmars I took the lenses with me and immediately fell in love with the fish-eye. For the next 2 1/2 hours, the shopping completely forgotten, I walked the neighborhood zigzagging the streets and avenues making friends with it.  We had a marvelous time. I felt like a necromancer looking at the world through my crystal ball. It took me a few shots to figure out how not to get my feet and/or shadow in the photos. This, I resolved by either getting in very close to my subject, creating terrific distortion or by pointing the phone upwards towards the sky which squeezed the landscape into a perfect ball.

I noticed that only the very center of the image is sharp and that the outer edges are a soft blur. I liked this effect especially when viewed on a larger screen when the images were downloaded. The quality is grainy but the color is spot on and the lens performed a lot better than I had thought it would.

With this lens I was able to take the ordinary and even the ugly and make it extraordinary. Common place things like a pile of dirty snow, became a piece of modern art, as did an old payphone that was stuffed with crumble used coffee cups. Cars and buildings ballooned out in cartoon shapes and telephone poles and street lights warped like soft wax candles.

I hope you enjoy this cock-eyed view of a sunny Saturday afternoon.

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