Join me my friends as I exit the train for a Winter Wonderland Walk up Ditmars Boulevard presented by Winter Storm Maximus! His February charms and chilly charisma take over this scenic tour of my daily walk.

The trees are amazing, like tall cold cool models displaying with a windy flair their new winter coats and their cat-walk is the streets, carpeted with snow and foot prints.  In my hands, one un-gloved, being bitten red and raw by the wind but, holding firm the iPad, tapping the shutter button with my bare thumb. I hold it high up in the air, straight out in front or angled to pull the viewer straight in to the image, capturing each block from 31st Street to 77th Street.

As I walk nearing closer to home the sky darkens, the street lights brighten and the snows white light enables me to continue creating grainy noisy images of the first of this winter’s furies, until I turn onto the block where I live; the trees bow towards me and welcome me home.

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